Guidance Counselor

Assistant Headmaster / Guidance Counselor – Debbie Owens

Contact Information- Phone 205-367-8144
Address- 225 Ray Bass Road Carrollton,Al  35447

ACT Code- 010-598


ACT Test Dates

Test Dates at Shelton State Community College for 2015-16

Tuscaloosa Shelton State Comm College   Code- 000070

Sept 12, 2015
Oct. 24, 2015
Dec. 12, 2015
April 9, 2016
June 11, 2016

You must register for the ACT online.
You must pay with a credit card. Be prepared to upload a current picture of the student. You must select a site to take the test; Shelton State is a good place to take the ACT. Shelton State’s test site code is 000070.



Duke Tip

• 4th-6th Grade Talent Search Duke Tip Program Students are qualified to enroll when they are in the fourth, fifth, or sixth grade. Students must score in the 95th percentile or higher on a grade-level standardized achievement test, aptitude test, mental-ability test, approved state criterion-referenced test or 125 or above on an IQ test. One of the two most recent administrations is acceptable for qualification. For most fourth grade students this represents scores from the second or third grade. For fifth grade students this represents scores from the third or fourth grade. For students in the sixth grade this represents scores from the fourth or fifth grade
• 7th Grade Duke Tip (Duke University Talent Identification Program 7th Grade Student are eligible if they scored at or above the 95th percentile on an accepted subtest or total battery/composite of a grade-level standardized achievement test, aptitude test, mental-ability test, approved state criterion-referenced test OR have a standard score at or above 125 on the full scale or composite score on an IQ test that is no more than two years old. Scores from either of the two most recent test administrations are accepted. For most seventh grade students this represents scores from either the fifth grade or the sixth grade. Students need to qualify in only one of the accepted composite or subtest areas.


Standardized Testing

Grade 3-6 and 8 will take the ACT Aspire Test


Check list for College Bound Students

4th-6th Grade-
___If you scored in the 95% on your SAT-10 test you could qualify for the Duke University Talent Search Program. To learn more about the Duke program go the following website

6th Grade
___Get involved in school, community, and church organizations and clubs

7th Grade
___In 7th grade computer research of 5 colleges you would like to attend and list reasons why you would like to attend, also explore and research 5 possible careers. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation and present to class
___Visit colleges whenever you can
___Discuss with your parents possible career choices
___Study and make the best grades you can
___Join Clubs and Organizations, get involved

8th Grade
___Take the ACT Explore
___Take SAT-10
___Determine whether you are going Advanced or Standard track in high school
___Explore College and Career possibilities. (8th grade English requirement to write a paper exploring your top 3 Colleges and Career choices)
___Visit College whenever you can
___Discuss with your parent possible career choices
___Get involved with community service, volunteer whenever you can.

___Prepare your resume and email a copy your counselor
___Get involved with community service
___Remember that your GPA begins with your Freshman year
___Begin a college/career notebook, list below are thing that need to be in your notebook
(This notebook will be a requirement beginning fall of 2013 for all students 9-12, all student need to purchase a 2 or 3 inch binder and fill it with the clear protector sheets. This will be explained in the freshman parent meeting in August of each year.
• High School Report Cards
• All test reports(i.e. ACT, PSAT, ASVAB,
• Admission tickets to test
• List of activities and awards
• Community Service Verification
• Copies of all correspondence sent or received from schools or scholarship agencies
• Any correspondence received from financial aid services
• Letter of recommendation, certificates, news clipping
• List of colleges of your top 10 colleges
• List of possible career choices

___Update resume and email to counselor
___Update your College/Career Notebook
___ Select courses with college preparation in mind.
___Take the ACT-Plan in November
___Review your current classes and grades; work to improve grades if needed
___Get involved in community service
___Keep a record of all activities, awards, and community service from grades 9-12; begin to create a resume.
___Consider summer activities which broaden your horizons; camps, summer study, travel, work, community service.
___As a family, begin to review financial resources for college and explore possible sources for scholarship and financial aid.

___Update resume
___Create a fastweb account at
___Attend college fairs
___Visit colleges in the fall of your junior year all school have great “College Visitation Days” in the fall; these are usually held on Saturdays. See the college bulletin board outside my office for schools that offer “College Days”
___Make college visits, you have 1 college day as a junior, make an appointment and let the counselor know ahead of time to grant permission
___Consider an ACT/SAT preparation workshop
___Take the ACT/SAT in the fall and/or spring, please use the Pickens Academy Code of
010-598 when you register for the ACT. This code will enable scores to be sent to Pickens Academy. Also include the code of colleges where you want scores reported. Go to to register.
___Take the PSAT in October
___Take the ASVAB in November
___Plan a job shadow (see the counselor to plan a job shadow during your junior year)
___Study college admission requirements
___Begin military academy/ROTC application/procedures
___Schedule a meeting with the counselor in spring of Jr. Year
___Update resume in May
___During summer of junior year make college visits to your top college choices (please call ahead and arrange an official tour, all colleges have very nice tours that educate you of their course offerings, campus life activites, etc.

___Update resume and email to counselor
___Remember to maintain your studies and keep up you GPA
___College application process for 4 year school now begins in early August. Send in your applications as soon as possible. Applications are found on-line. Four year institutions require an application fee. This must be paid by credit card, at the time you apply. You will not be considered for enrollment until the application fee is paid. Also, request transcripts by completing the transcript request form in the counselor’s office. This form can also be found on the website. Transcripts will not be sent until you have had a formal request using the transcript request form.
___Pay close attention to deadlines
___Promptly submit deposits required for admission and housing
___Check the “Scholarship Board” outside the Counseling Office and check the “Counselor’s Corner” on the Pickens Academy webpage
___Retake the SAT and or ACT for a higher score if necessary
___Begin applying for scholarships. Remember you need to be admitted into the college before they will give you a scholarship. Be careful follow direction exactly; if you need letters of recommendation please give teachers plenty of time to prepare these for you. If you need a transcript remember to complete the transcript request form. Remember most Four Year Institutions have a Dec. 1 deadline for scholarship applications.
___Keep track of all acceptances or rejections (put them in your college notebook) If you are rejected from a school, see the counselor often there are alternative ways to get accepted
___Make College visits if you are still unsure of where to apply
___Job Shadow if you did not do this your junior year
___Send in housing fees and any other fees to secure your fall placement
___Apply online at (Free application for federal student aid) for free money from the government. You will need information from your family tax returns.
It is a good idea to file the FAFSA even if you think you don’t qualify for free financial aid because you can obtain low interest loans through this source Applications are accepted after January 1st.
___Attend Financial Aid Workshop at school. Date__________________
Senior Continued
___In January apply for 2 year or Community Colleges. Most application for 2 year schools are online and have no application fee.
___Complete scholarship applications for 2 Year or Community Colleges. Bevill State applications are due February 1st and Shelton State applications are due March 1st.

___Review the results of your FAFSA when you receive you Student Aid Report call the SAR. Make any corrections if necessary
___After receiving and reviewing ALL possible information make a decision and send in your acceptance of scholarships and financial aid. You must formally accept your scholarship offers or you do not actually get them.
___Keep track of acceptance, rejections, and financial aid awards (put them in your college notebook)
___Report ALL scholarship offers to the Counselor’s office.
___Pay any orientation fees

Honors and Recognition

1. DAR Good Citizen-Senior in good academic and disciplinary standing, voted by high school faculty in fall. Senior selected can write an essay on the topic provided by the DAR and submit for national scholarship. DAR Good Citizen is recognized at the spring meeting of the Pickens County DAR and at

Honor’s Day
2. Mr. and Miss PA-Senior in good academic and disciplinary standing. Must have updated resume on file in the counselor’s office that reflects participation in academic, and extracurricular activities, voted by high school faculty
3. Boy’s State-Junior boy that demonstrates leadership, character, scholarship, loyalty, and service to their school, voted by high school faculty.
4. Girl’s State-Junior girl that demonstrates leadership, character, scholarship, loyalty, and service to their school, voted by high school faculty.
5. HOBY Representative-10th grade student that demonstrates leadership, character, scholarship, and service to their school, voted by high school faculty. Student must attend HOBY workshop at Troy University.
6. Capstone Leadership Academy-Offered to top academic male and female student in the 10th grade. Student must complete application, request letters of recommendation, and apply by the stated deadline.
7. Rural Health Scholar’s-Open to any 11th grade student interested in a health care career. Must be of good academic standing, complete application, request letters of recommendation, write an essay, and submit by stated deadline.
8. West Alabama Leadership-.Open to the top three students in the junior class.
9. Pickens County Medical Center Volunteer Award-Must volunteers at the Pickens County Medical Center and apply at PCMC by stated deadline.
10. Leadership Pickens Open to any senior student, student must sign up during open enrollment period, list of names will be submitted to Leadership Pickens Organization and this organization will determine who participates –
11. Torch Invitational-Based on teacher recommendation and student interest.
12. Highest Average in a Subject-Student with the highest average in a subject area will received the recognition.
13. All A Award- Students in grades 1-12 that maintain an A average in all subjects for the entire year. Grades will be calculated up until two weeks before the Honor’s Day Assembly
14. Student of the Year-Student with the highest overall average in a class will be recognized. All subjects taken will be used in the calculations.
15. AR Award-Students that meet the set number of AR point will be recognized, also the student with the highest number of AR point in Jr. High and Sr. High will recognized
16. Mu Alpha Theta-Students that have completed 2 years of advanced math with a 90 average or above will be inducted.
17. National Jr. Honor Society-8th and 9th grade students with an average of 85 or above will be evaluated by the faculty based on the criteria of National Jr. Honor Society.
18. National Honor Society- Student in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grade with an average of 85 or above will be evaluated by the faculty based on the criteria of the National Honor Society
19. Black Belt 100 Lens, or Black Belt Legacy- Students that meet the criteria of the Black Belt Association may apply, the Black Belt foundation will determine participants.
20. Headmaster Volunteer Award-Awarded to a student that serves as a volunteer, determined by the Headmaster.
21. Wendy’s High School Heisman-Open to any senior student that wants to apply must complete application online and meet the required deadlines. Wendy’
22. I Dare You Award-11th grade boy and girl that exhibit excellence in character, balanced personal development, and demonstrates qualities of constructive leadership and integrity. Must have a resume on file with counselor that qualifies them with qualities of leadership, academic achievement, athletic involvement, school, and community involvement.
23. Woodman of the World-Highest Average in American History-plaque
24. Most Improved Student Award- Award given by West Alabama Bank and Trust, voted by high school faculty. Student must have improved both in grades and attitudes over the past 4 years.
Local Scholarships
Pickens Academy

1. Elisabeth D. Smith Scholarship-$300
2. Most Improved Student-$250
3. Aliceville Rotary Club Scholarships
a. The Four Way Test Award-$500
b. Service Above Self-$500
4. Nita Bailey Scholarship-$100
5. Class of 1977 Memorial Scholarship-$500
6. Journalism Scholarship-$100
7. Lola Curry Scholarship-$150
8. Julie Curry Scholarship-$200
9. Board of Trustee Scholarship-$150
10. Margaret Durrett Scholarship-$300
11. PTO Scholarship-$1000
12. MISS Image
a. 1st place HS $1000
b. 2nd place HS $500
c. 3rd place HS $400
d. 1st place JH-$250
e. 2nd place JH-$200
f. 3rd place-$150
g. Miss Congeniality-$50
h. Miss Photogenic- $50
13. Student Council Scholarships
a. Dr. James H. Gentry-$300
b. Student Council Leadership Scholarship-$300
c. Spring Fling Scholarship-$500
14. Donald Latham Math Award-$250

Community Scholarships

1. Soil and Water Conservation Scholarship
2. Farm City Essay Contest
3. Wild Turkey Federation Scholarship
4. Pickens County Medical Auxiliary
5. DCH Foundation Scholarship
6. Gordo Ministerial Association
7. Pickens County Baptist Association
8. Pickens County Cattleman’s Association
Club and Organizations
1. Student Council
2. FCA
3. Campus Life
4. Pilot Club

AISA Events

1. Art Fair
2. Drama Team
3. Writing Contest
4. Oratorical Contest
5. Science Fair
6. Jr. Scholar’s Bowl
7. Sr. Scholar’s Bowl
8. Jr. High Math Team
9. Sr. High Math Team
10. Spelling Bee
11. Student Athletic of the Year
12. AISA All-Academic Team