Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a quality education in a well- disciplined, Christian environment.

Purpose Statement

The central purpose of Pickens Academy is to provide quality education for the children and youth in this area. Quality suggests a degree of excellence, a measure of superiority, a distinctive character, and conformance to high standards.A number of resources interact to achieve this purpose: a favorable environment for learning, faculty and staff who are well qualified, students who are motivated, and parents who strongly support the program.

Goals that provide direction for effective functioning of these factors are as follows:

  1. A strong academic foundation in core courses of English, social science, science and mathematics.
     Development of communication skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
     Acceptance of rights, duties, and responsibilities inherent to membership in a democratic society.
     Understanding of our heritage and acceptance of our responsibilities for contributing to it.
     Development of skills of inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving sciences.
     Growth and use of mathematical skills.
  2. Development of aesthetic values and growth in creative abilities through humanities, the arts, classical music, creative activities, foreign languages, and other cultural pursuits.
  3. An atmosphere which will aid in the development of each child's potential.
  4. A well-disciplined environment.
  5. Respect for the dignity of work.
  6. Provision of experience which results in the development of athletic and recreational skills and good physical, mental, and emotional health.
  7. Development of leadership capabilities through extracurricular programs, as well as in the classroom.
  8. Development of skills in interpersonal relationships.