Tuition for 2016-2017


 Financial Information

The following is a summary of payments due for pre-registration and registration.

Registration: (Non Refundable)

New Family: $100.00 per family plus $50.00 per child plus $10 processing fee

Existing Family: $50.00 per family plus $50.00 per child


Schedule of Payments

If Choosing Option #1 All of the following fees are due at Registration.

Option #1__ check here
   Building fund                                                 $125.00per family   _______
   Book/Technology Fees                                 $200.00 per child Grades 1-12             _______
   Fees and Services  (k-4 – 12)                       $100.00 per student    _________

Donation to Pickens Private School Foundation (One Time Payment)
(New families entering Pickens Academy for 2016-2017 school year)
Grades 1-12        $500.00
K-5                       $400.00 pay another $100 upon entering first grade

K-4                       $300.00 pay $100 more entering K-5 and first grade
This donation is tax deductible and non-refundable.

2016-2017 tuition schedule

                        1 child            2 children         3 children     4 children           

Monthly         12x $275         12x $550           12x $825       12x $ 1100

1 x pay             $ 3250              $ 6500              $ 9750             $13,000

Tuition may be paid in full at time of registration or in 12 monthly bank drafts, (August – July).
A Senior’s tuition must be paid in 10 monthly drafts (Aug-May). For monthly payments a voided check or deposit slip must be submitted at the time of registration.

**OPTION 2**   _______   CHECK HERE   All fees excluding pre-registration fees may be included in your monthly draft. This Option would include Tuition, Building Fee, Book Fee, Activity Fee, and Donation to the Foundation.

In the event a family withdraws from Pickens Academy anytime after Spring Registration is complete through December 31st, they will be required to pay a $2000.00 penalty per child. If a family withdraws during the 2nd semester a $1000.00 penalty per child will be assessed.  All fees owed to any organization must be paid in full before any records or transcripts are released.

If registration occurs after the beginning of school, all of the above applies with these exceptions.  Monthly tuition begins with month at the time of registration with subsequent bank drafts for the remainder of the school year.  Families enrolling during any month must pay for a full month’s tuition for that current month.


Please Contact Ann Marie Watt for Financial Questions 205-367-8144 or